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At the Banyan Tree Caravan Park and Holiday Resort we like to take life easy. You want a break from your daily life? You want to enjoy nature to it's fullest or just spend your holidays at a quiet and cozy place? Well, you are done searching - just book here and stay at ours. Take a rest at the pool, have a nice BBQ infront of the beautiful sunset or just enjoy watching our beautiful horses. If you stay for a couple of days, you might even be able to listen to some great live-music.

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Live Music

At Banyan Tree Caravan Park we enjoy spending the night together have a beer or two while listening to some live music or one of our great playlists.

Take a seat under our Banyan Tree - the Tree of Life - get a cool drink and some snacks right at our shop, have a chat or just enjoy the lightshow under the tree while listening to great music.

Movie Night

You like watching movies? Spend the evening with us have a drink, some snacks and just enjoy a great movie on our big screen.
Wanna see something special? An important football match? Give it a try and ask for it at our reception - maybe it's even already on the list.


Ever heard about Woofing? It's always quite busy at Banyan Tree Caravan Park, so we are always looking for a helping hand. Whether it's gardening, helping out at the reception and our shop, singing during the evening, helping with the horses or anything else. For a couple of hours during the day and/or evening time we provide you with food and accommodation. Become part of the Banyan Tree Family and stay with us. You'll love it.

Interested? Great! Contact us here for more information.

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